Genshin Impact Yanfei banner and abilities

Genshin Impact Yanfei banner and abilities

Want to know more about the Genshin Impact Yanfei banner? Yanfei is a four-star Pyro Catalyst user that is coming in the Genshin Impact 1.5 update, and it’s highly likely that her banner won’t appear for quite some time. It largely depends on if she is the first of the two upcoming Genshin Impact characters to be released, or if that honour goes to Eula. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare in advance though.

So who is Yanfei? Well, she passed the bar exam and is currently a practicing legal adviser in Liyue Harbour. She’s also half-human, half-illuminated beast, and she has access to many magical Pyro-based attacks to decimate her foes.

It’s important to make absolutely clear that the abilities and details listed in this guide are not set in stone. This is because of the nature of how she was leaked and the response of Mihoyo to those leaks, so do take everything with a grain of salt. We don’t know where she’s going to place in our Genshin Impact tier list, but here’s all the information that we have so far.

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